Imagination Technologies Group Ltd Announces Simon Beresford-Wylie as Chief Executive Officer

London, United Kingdom, October 2020 – Imagination Technologies (“Imagination”), a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP), has announced that Simon Beresford-Wylie will serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Beresford-Wylie previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Arqiva, the UK’s leading provider of communications, broadcasting and media services. Before joining Arqiva, he served as Global Executive Advisor and Executive […]

iPhone 14 previewed in advance, will be upgraded to A16 bionic chip

I believe that those who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite should know that the iPhone X can be regarded as the iPhone with the biggest appearance change in more than ten years. Even Apple said at the press conference that this phone will determine the next ten years. form of mobile phone. Although the original intention of this […]

Western Digital launches a series of storage products optimized for public security, artificial intelligence and smart city development

News Highlights With the development of smart cities, cameras with AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities and higher 4K resolutions are driving the growing demand for camera storage. WD Purple SC QD101 Durability microSD memory card balances cost performance and durability, suitable for mainstream camera shooting, and can meet the needs of long-term continuous recording. WD Purple 14TB HDD adopts Western Digital’s […]

High-Performance Ultrasonic Sensors for Smart Water Meters

With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the demand for high-performance ultrasonic sensors for ultrasonic smart water meters used in smart buildings is becoming more and more obvious. – US0078. Compared with similar products on the market, this product has more stable electrical performance and stronger pressure resistance, high sensitivity, fast peak value, and easier signal processing, which […]