Apple, Google team up to create app to track the spread of the new coronavirus

   Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google announced Friday that the companies will collaborate to provide tools to help track the spread of the new coronavirus. Both companies will launch API (application programming interface) developer tools in May “to enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices using apps from public health authorities,” when the apps will be available on the […]

Huanxinguwu’s statement on media coverage of Zhang Rujing’s remarks

A few days ago, some media reports published articles about some of the opinions of Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, when he spoke at the China Third Generation semiconductor Development Opportunity Exchange Summit. From the title to the content of the article, the idea is too aggressive, and the theme one-sidedly emphasizes the confrontation between China and the United States, […]

Electronic devices other than mobile phones can also be used as virtual keys NXP extends virtual car key functionality

Although smartphones as virtual car keys have yet to be mass-produced, the technology is a step further. According to foreign media reports, NXP has introduced a security architecture for virtual car keys, greatly expanding its functional scope.    (Image source: NXP official website) NXP’s solution not only enables the use of smartphones as virtual car keys, but also other Electronic […]

The police in Wuxi, Jiangsu arrested a criminal gang using the “Dynamic Cat Pool”, and 18 suspects were wiped out!

Keyword “dynamic cat pool” In October 2020, the Wuxi police received an online fraud report. The victim, Mr. Yang, was defrauded of more than 300,000 yuan because of an advertisement for “beauty door-to-door” on the Internet. During the investigation process, the police unexpectedly discovered that the IP address of the suspect jumped continuously in a large area in Sichuan, Fujian, […]

How is the BOE screen on the iPhone 12, tell you at one time

It is mid-May 2020. I believe that all the fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite should know it. Recently, we have roughly understood the specifications and prices of the iPhone 12 series this fall. One of them is four models that attract everyone’s attention. iPhones will all use OLED screens, and the iPhone 12 Pro series […]

Using movement and sensor technology to ease symptoms in neck cancer patients

A federally funded randomized clinical trial of 357 patients undergoing radiation therapy for head and neck cancer using mobile and sensor technology to remotely monitor patient symptoms, resulting in less severe symptoms (both general and cancerous) associated with cancer and its treatment Correlation) . of patients using this technology (including a Bluetooth-enabled scale, a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff, and a […]

5G leads “new infrastructure”, these security issues cannot be ignored

As an important part of “new infrastructure”, 5G networks will provide new opportunities for the development of smart cities, Internet of Vehicles, smart agriculture and smart healthcare. As of February this year, China’s three major mobile operators have put into use about 156,000 5G base stations; by the end of this year, 600,000 base stations are planned to be built, […]

Renesas Electronics Announces New Entry-Level RA2E1 MCU Family of RA Product Family for Cost-Sensitive and Space-Constrained Applications

TOKYO, Japan, January 27, 2021 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of 48 new RA2E1 MCU products to expand its 32-bit RA2 MCU portfolio. The entry-level single-chip RA2E1 MCU is based on a 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with up to 128KB of code Flash and 16KB of SRAM. The RA2E1 […]