Design of Heading and Attitude Computer Based on Programmable Logic Device

“The attitude computer in the strapdown inertial navigation realizes the digital platform navigation, which needs to be able to complete the acquisition of various sensor measurement data and the transmission of the attitude results and system status at a high speed and accurately while performing complex operations. The usual practice is to use one or more DSP chips to complete, […]

COVID-19: Applied Ventures helps life sciences companies fight deadly virus with materials engineering

Without a doubt, materials engineering is the lifeblood of Applied Materials. Applied Materials has a unique ability to form, shape, adjust, analyze, and connect the materials and devices that are critical to advancing the entire semiconductor industry. Today, with the help of materials engineering, new chip designs and system architectures are emerging in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, […]

MPS re-launches a strong POE power supply solution to help the diversified development of power supply for 5G and network video surveillance platforms

【Introduction】With the rapid development of new services such as WLAN, VoIP, and network video surveillance, a large number of IP-based terminals such as Wireless LAN AP, IP Phone, and IP Camera appear around our lives. These devices are usually numerous in number, special in location, complicated in the wiring of data power cables, and difficult to obtain power for the […]

Professional spot inspection and thinking plan of aluminum electrolysis power supply rectifier cabinet

“The power supply rectifier cabinet is an important equipment for aluminum electrolysis production. It undertakes rectification and power transmission, and is a necessary equipment to provide DC power; it plays a very important role in the smooth production of aluminum electrolysis. Therefore, professional inspections are incorporated into enterprise equipment management, and with the help of professional tools, preventive and careful […]

Don’t let the USB voltage drop slow down the charger

“Portable devices such as cell phones and tablets are able to charge faster than ever before. To obtain fast charging times, the voltage on the charging device must be maintained at an appropriate level. If this is not the case, it is possible for the charger to reduce the charging current to a lower (but still acceptable) level, ultimately extending […]