Time: July 8-10, 2020 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

(This year’s special exhibition area for new energy motors and high-efficiency energy-saving motors)

After 19 years of hard work, it has become the leader of the international motor industry exhibition.

We sincerely invite you to participate in the grand event and share business opportunities!

Sponsor: China Electromechanical Products Circulation Association/Micro-motor Professional Committee of China Electrotechnical Society/National Precision Micro-motor Engineering Technology Research Center/China Machinery and Electronic Products Circulation Association Machine Tool Branch/China Electromechanical Products Circulation Association Motor Branch/Shanghai Automation Society

Co-organizers: China Machinery Industry Federation/China Mechanical Engineering Society/China Electric Power Research Institute/China Electrical Engineering Society

Organizer: Guoliu Electromechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Official website of the conference: www.motor-expo.com

※Exhibition overview:

Since the first Shanghai motor exhibition (MOTOR CHINA) was held in 2001, the motor exhibition has gone through nineteen years. Every year, motor industry professionals from all over the world gather in Shanghai to collect the latest market and product information, seek partners and actively Attend industry forum lectures. In order to expand the influence of the exhibition and increase the scale of the exhibition, the 20th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum (MOTOR CHINA) will continue to be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2020. The purpose is to continue to serve the motor industry and promote the continuous development of the industry. develop. Make full use of the “two-in-one” model of professional exhibitions and trade exhibitions, “three-in-one” exhibitions, order fairs, and seminars, and “four businessmen gather together” for manufacturers, distributors, supporting suppliers, and service providers. Targeted, technically professional, effective, user-friendly, and well-characterized in activities, the model exhibition of the international motor industry has truly become the motor industry market promotion, Display of new products, exchange of new technologies, release of new information, and development of new business opportunities. activity platform. You are welcome to participate in this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will go all out to do a good job in inviting professional audiences and buyers, and strive to bring you value-added services and exhibition results in this exhibition. !

The exhibition focuses on exchanging the current situation and development direction of the motor industry at home and abroad. Through a large-scale, all-round, multi-level and unified international motor industry “meeting” and “exhibition”, we will build the first comprehensive exhibition platform in my country’s motor industry that integrates industrial expositions, trade negotiations, and summit forums. Create opportunities for exhibition, promotion, exchange and cooperation for motor industry projects, invite domestic and foreign motor-related businessmen to participate in economic and trade negotiations, focus on signing contracts, promote investment and project docking, and promote the vigorous development of my country’s motor industry.

※Exhibitor-Visitor Statistics:

■ 40 countries and regions attended the exhibition, in addition to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, Japan, India, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa other countries;

■ More than 800 industry leading companies and brands participated in this exhibition;

■ 4,9910 visitors conducted business negotiations and activities at the exhibition site, they came from China Aerospace, Schaeffler, GE, Bosch, Hyundai, Mazda, Hanergy, Chunghwa Automobile, Nidec, Shinsong, Shanghai Port Machine, Advantech, Emerson, Rockwell, Kollmorgen, Siemens, B&R, Shanghai Electric Group, Wolong Electric, CSSC, Doosan, Gree, Hitachi, Siemens, ABB, Omron, Baumüller, Midea Electric, Otis, SMC, ZTE, Oaks Group, Toyota Motor, Haier, Schneider Electric, Panasonic, Zhongda Dentsu, Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics, Lenze, Sinosteel, Festo, Sinopec, China Railway, Wittenstein, Honeywell, Hikvision Robotics, LG, SAIC, Shougang, BASF, Yaskawa Electric, COSCO Group, Jialing-Honda, Dayang, Hebei Electric, etc.

■ 87% of the visitors and exhibitors reached a cooperation intention;

■ 61% of the visitors came from major machinery and equipment, automobiles, electrical appliances, fans, etc. and motor manufacturers;

※Technology Exchange:

■ Enterprise’s new product and new technology conference: held in a specific exhibition area, the organizer assists in inviting visitors, and independent research and development units can apply for registration;

■ Technical exchange forum: held in a specific conference hall, hosted by industry experts and authoritative persons invited by the organizer, comprehensively expounding the key points, hot spots and future of the industry; development direction and relevant policy guidelines.

■ Charging standard: Domestic RMB 18,000 yuan/field/hour, foreign capital USD4,800/field/hour (provides audio, projector, curtain, mineral water and other related services. For companies that need to hold technical lectures, please contact the organizer in advance. In 50 days, the topic of the lecture, the brief introduction, and the name of the speaker will be reported to the organizing committee)

※Exhibition scope:

■ Motors: medium and small motors, stepping motors, new energy motors, high-efficiency energy-saving motors, DC motors, servo motors, fractional horsepower motors, low-power motors, micro motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless motors, Traction motor, special motor, high-speed motor, low-speed motor, vibration motor, geared motor, hollow cup motor, series excitation motor, ultrasonic motor, automotive motor, gear motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor, AC motor, speed regulating motor, variable frequency motor , high-voltage motors, low-voltage motors, power tools, household appliances motors, motors, large motors, generator sets, etc.;

■ Motor control systems and devices: relays, connectors, drives, governors, sensors, controllers, encoders, converters, radiators, capacitors, fans, thermal protectors, control systems, servo systems, power electronic devices , CNC devices, switchgear, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, frequency converters, transformers, etc.;

■ Ancillary products and materials: commutator, bearing, commutator, shaft, motor shell, end cover, magnet wire, enameled wire, lubricating oil, brush, mold, electric carbon, brush, carbon, iron core, Collector rings, aluminum die-casting, stamping dies, punching, ovens, wires, semiconductor materials, permanent magnet materials, soft magnetic materials, insulating materials, electrical materials, powder metallurgy, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors, new environmental protection technologies, Motor CAD design software, manufacturing, management software, motor energy saving, electrical alloys, etc.;

■ Testing instruments and equipment: winding machines, punching machines, forging equipment, forging machinery, hydraulic presses, motor drives, industrial control equipment, production equipment, protection and control devices, vacuum equipment, insulation coating equipment, punching equipment, plastic pressing machine, special processing equipment, commutator finishing machine, engraving and grooving machine, vacuum tube, insulating sheet inserting machine, spot welding machine, magnetizing machine, electrostatic powder coating machine, mold fixture, armature detector, Motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, power tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment, tooling, production line, etc.;

※Exhibition rules: Note: The empty space does not carry any display racks and facilities. Exhibitors will arrange special decoration work by themselves or entrust the construction company recommended by the organization unit.


2020 The 20th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum

■Standard booth configuration: including exhibition venue, 2.5m high siding, lintel production, 9 square meters of carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 5A/220V single-phase socket, and two spotlights.

※Notes on the advertisement publication: The specifications of the publication (210mm * 285mm), imported coated paper, and the content of the layout are designed by the exhibitors themselves.

  2020 The 20th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum

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