[September182019Shanghai]ARLANXEO, the world’s leading synthetic rubber company, unveiled today at the China International Rubber Technology Exhibition 2019. With the theme of “Future Mobility”, ARLANXEO brought its two business divisions of tires, special rubber and high-performance elastomers to the exhibition, bringing its high-quality product portfolio and solutions in the field of motorization and other applications, and the market demand has grown rapidly Under the general environment, discuss the development opportunities and future of the rubber industry with all walks of life in the industry.

ARLANXEO at China International Rubber Technology Exhibition 2019 to discuss the new trend of “future motorization”

Figure 1: ARLANXEO booth opening ceremony

With the continuous improvement of consumption levels and the increasing prevalence of smart cities and other trends, the motorization industry has accelerated its upgrade and transformation towards a safer, more comfortable and greener direction, and a new development concept of “future motorization” has been derived. The drastic changes in the market also put forward higher requirements for the product development and application of the rubber industry at this stage. Focusing on the needs of industry changes, during the exhibition, ARLANXEO focused on its industry-leading core products in the field of motorization.

ARLANXEO’s Tire and Specialty Rubber Business Unit (TSR) showcased its star products such as Buna CB, Buna VSL, Buna FX and X_Butyl. Green tires made of this type of rubber have excellent rolling resistance and grip, as well as excellent wear resistance, flex resistance and fatigue resistance, while optimizing fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and improving tire performance. service life, improving the safe driving experience of consumers. In addition, tire innerliners made of halogenated butyl rubber X_Butyl are highly impermeable to gases and meet the requirements of modern tubeless tire manufacturing processes.

ARLANXEO’s High Performance Elastomers (HPE) business unit brings its Keltan product line to the application of non-tire auto parts such as automotive weather strips, brake parts, and V-ribbed belts. EPDM rubber produced using sustainable Keltan ACE catalyst technology maintains good dynamic properties in harsh environmental conditions from -40°C to 150°C, and can also provide better quality for dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer TPV It can effectively make up for the defects of traditional thermosetting vulcanized rubber, meet the upgrade performance needs of automobile sealing system and engine system, and provide guarantee for the normal operation of braking system.

ARLANXEO at China International Rubber Technology Exhibition 2019 to discuss the new trend of “future motorization”

Figure 2: Close-up of ARLANXEO’s booth products

On the first day of the exhibition, ARLANXEO also participated in the “Rubber Technology Summit Forum” with the theme of “Green Innovation, Quality Improvement and Efficiency”. At the forum, Dr. Heiner Stange, New Business Development Director of ARLANXEO’s High Performance Elastomers Division, and Feng Weijun, Greater China Technical Service and Application Development Manager of the Tire and Special Rubber Division, shared their views on the advantages of rubber materials in the field of motorization in terms of low heat generation, high resistance to New technology indicators such as grinding, sustainability, etc., and how to meet the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry in the future design and development, and discussed with the guests at the scene.

ARLANXEO at China International Rubber Technology Exhibition 2019 to discuss the new trend of “future motorization”

Figure 3: Keynote speech at ARLANXEO “Rubber Technology Summit” (Dr. Heiner Stange)

Figure 4: Keynote speech at ARLANXEO’s “Rubber Technology Summit Forum” (Feng Weijun)

Sun Hong, Managing Director of ARLANXEO China, said: “In the past year, despite the challenges experienced by the global rubber industry, the Chinese market has remained stable and progress. ARLANXEO has full confidence in the Chinese market and has always regarded China as a company. It is one of the important strategic markets for business development. We hope to use the top platform of China International Rubber Technology Exhibition to strengthen communication and exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts, and jointly tap the development potential of the rubber industry.”

The new travel ecology under the concept of “future motorization” will effectively reduce environmental pollution and energy consumption, and contribute to the sustainable development of society. As a leader in the field of synthetic rubber, ARLANXEO will continue to provide excellent rubber products and high-quality services with technological innovation and product development that keep pace with the times, and always practice the best balance of economic, ecological and social interests. strategy and fully implement its firm commitment to sustainable development.

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