On January 18th, according to a report by LatePost, on January 13th, ByteDance said that it is optimistic about the prospect and value of educational hardware. Room, will be merged with the desk lamp team to form a strong intelligent team, focusing on educational hardware.

The hardware team of ByteDance is under the unified responsibility of Yang Luyu, who reports to Chen Lin, senior vice president of ByteDance and head of education business. In terms of business, the merged hardware team will focus on the field of education and will no longer develop other unrelated products such as Nut phones and TNT monitors.

This means that ByteDance has pressed the mobile phone business pause button. The person in charge said that the service of Nut phone users will not be affected, and will continue to explore the innovation opportunities of Smartisan OS to give users a better experience.

The end of a generation of feelings, the hammer mobile phone “goodbye”

Who would have thought that the Hammer mobile team after being merged into ByteDance would end up like this.

Shinshi Lab was merged into the desk lamp team. The merged hardware team will focus on the education field and will no longer develop other unrelated products such as Nut phones and TNT monitors. This also means that the hammer mobile phone built by Lao Luo has completely pressed the pause button here in ByteDance, and this may be the end of a generation of feelings.

I have to say, Lao Luo and Hammer mobile phone are indispensable. As a company specializing in mobile phone hardware founded by Luo Yonghao in 2012, Hammer Technology has brought us many bright products over the years. But what is even more impressive is the “talk show” of Lao Luo’s press conferences again and again. It is a pity that Lao Luo’s publicity effect did not help the hammer to bring dazzling sales and sales, and the hammer mobile phone market continued to slump.

In 2018, the financial crisis of the Hammer mobile phone broke out. According to media reports, the profit from the monthly sales of the Hammer was so poor that it not only could not pay various costs, but also could not pay the wages of employees on time. As the founder, Luo Yonghao has sought capital help many times, but unfortunately, mainstream manufacturers are not interested in Hammer at all, and interested Internet companies and Luo Yonghao could not reach an agreement on the valuation of Hammer Technology and announced that they had failed.

In addition, Lao Luo was also included in the list of persons with high consumption restrictions by the Danyang City People’s Court because of the arrears. This made Hammer Technology and Lao Luo very hurt. Until the end of 2018, ByteDance acquired the Hammer Technology Nut Team and part of the patent use rights with more than 100 million yuan, and established a new stone laboratory.

After being acquired and reorganized, New Stone Labs has released two models, the Nut Pro3 and the Nut R2. Various data show that the sales of these two models are very poor, even if there are omni-channel promotion of the parent company ByteDance. Blessing, there is no improvement. Due to the adjustment of the internal structure, the current prices of the JMGO Pro3 and JMGO R2 have dropped sharply, and some have even dropped by 1,500 yuan. It can be said that after leaving Lao Luo’s hammer mobile phone, there is no more “feelings” in the past.

(Screenshot from Luo Yonghao Weibo)

After the news broke, many netizens rushed to the bottom of Lao Luo’s Weibo to ask if they would return to the mobile phone industry. A Weibo post by Lao Luo on January 17 was accompanied by the text “I heard that Lao Luo is still thinking about mobile phones?” However, the protagonist in the video became Xiaomi Mi 11.

For the termination of the Hammer mobile phone business, Lao Luo has not made any statement at present. And Lao Luo’s current key task is still “debt repayment”. According to the story in the previous variety show “Talk Show Conference”, Lao Luo owed 600 million yuan at the end of 2018, and now he has repaid nearly 400 million yuan, which can be repaid within a year if there is no accident. The news was also officially confirmed by the people’s court newspaper, and Luo Yonghao really paid it back. At present, no execution information related to Luo Yonghao can be found on the China Execution Information Disclosure Online.

Although many netizens have expressed the hope that Lao Luo will buy the Nut team after paying off his debts to help the Hammer mobile phone “rebirth”, but at present, any mainstream mobile phone manufacturer Huami OV has created its own 5G mobile phone + IoT ecological chain Combination, the hammer phone returns at this time, and there is hardly any chance.

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