With the vigorous development of Industry 4.0, it has become a trend to transform the traditional manufacturing industry into a smart factory. It is not only about production automation and smart manufacturing, but now it is more focused on the smooth operation of machines and equipment and the transmission of important production information. The data is transmitted to the central control room through a high-speed network, and the data is analyzed through the assistance of artificial intelligence, which is used as a decision-making reference for the company’s strategizing.


As an indispensable member in building a smart factory, the CRYSTAL series of industrial panel PCs under Decheng provide a more complete panel size than the industry, especially suitable for diversified applications of human-machine interface (HMI), such as: equipment operation. Mobility rate monitoring, material planning management, plant temperature and humidity control, etc., have a key impact on promoting the rapid upgrade of factory users, optimizing production capacity, and improving market competitiveness.

Easy upgrade and quick maintenance

Decheng CRYSTAL series industrial panel PC has a unique CDS patented design (Convertible Display System), from the user’s point of view, it can flexibly meet the needs of future upgrades, whether it is to replace the panel size or improve the system performance, it is only necessary to easily replace a single The module can be completed, which greatly saves the cost of upgrading. In addition, another highlight of the CDS patented design is that it can reduce the time and money loss caused by downtime and maintenance. Due to the plug-and-play modular design, the field side can immediately replace spare parts, and the production schedule caused by downtime can be eliminated. , production and delivery, etc. to minimize the impact.

Best size, most choices

Having the most complete and diverse panel styles on the market is one of the advantages of Decheng Industrial Panel PCs. The size ranges from 8 to 24 inches, and the display ratio ranges from 4:3 to 16:9. It can provide multi-point projection type according to the on-site use environment. Capacitive touch screen (P-CAP) or single point resistive touch screen (Resistive). In addition, according to the required computing performance, you can choose to carry Intel? Atom?, Pentium? or Core? different grades of processors.

Strong and durable, suitable for various harsh scenes

The whole series adopts aluminum alloy die-casting anti-collision frame, the touch surface hardness is up to 7H, the front panel is IP65 dustproof and waterproof, fanless, wireless, 9-48V wide voltage input, -20℃~70℃ wide temperature operation, no matter It can operate continuously and stably in extreme high and low temperatures or in severe industrial environments. The high-brightness backlight display is not only clearly visible indoors, but can also be easily used in outdoor environments.

Multi-layer protection, data transmission is safe and reliable

Smart factories focus on quick access to data, and stable data transmission to the cloud and central control room for remote monitoring and analysis, so as to master the production process and improve production controllability and efficiency. Decheng CRYSTAL series industrial panel PC supports various I/Os such as GbE LAN, USB3.0, VGA, Display port, etc., which can easily realize the functions of data networking, transmission and display. The built-in Mini-PCIe slot can be used with commercially available wireless communication modules (Wifi / 3G / LTE / GPS) to achieve wireless networking. There are various options for storage such as HDD, SSD and mSATA. The whole series provides a variety of protection mechanisms, such as over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP), and electrostatic protection (ESD), to prevent operation from being stopped due to abnormal power supply or environmental factors, and to ensure 24-hour stable production in the factory.

Dechen CRYSTAL series industrial panel PCs have the advantages of the most complete sizes and the most diverse combinations. From indoor applications to outdoor operations, according to the different purposes of pursuing performance or energy saving, you can choose industrial panel PCs or industrial touch monitors to provide everything you need. The product line meets the needs of smart factories of all parties, and creates a complete and comprehensive transformation and upgrading plan.

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