Digi-Key Electronics, a global distributor of Electronic components with a wide range of supply and fast delivery, has released a new video series “Supply Chain Transformation”. This series of videos shows how components flow through the supply chain as they are integrated and incorporated into next-generation asset monitoring and tracking systems.

This trilogy video series is produced by Analog Devices, Inc. Sponsored by Molex and produced by Supplyframe, it highlights the various sites a product goes through from design to production, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping, and more. With global supply chains in the spotlight this year, the use of accessible, automated monitoring and tracking systems is more important than ever.

Digi-Key, ADI and Molex present a trilogy video series titled “The Supply Chain Transformation”.

Robbie Paul, Director of IoT Business Solutions at Digi-Key, said: “Sensors are extremely important for product tracking throughout the supply chain and are becoming smarter and more interconnected. Digi-Key is committed to driving next-generation supply chain transformation. The development of monitoring solutions to help the world operate faster and more efficiently.”

Source Components, the first in this trilogy of videos, is now live on Digi-Key’s website. This episode focuses on how to track inventory across the warehouse and introduces emerging technologies such as indoor positioning, robotics/cobots, and more.

The second video, titled “Product Journey,” is expected to be released in early November. This episode will track the movement of products from origin to destination and demystify the technologies used to optimize routes, manage fleets and track assets.

The third video, Next Generation Production, will showcase various monitoring solutions that can be used to ensure worker safety and product reliability, such as: temperature monitoring, condition-based monitoring, the use of blockchain in supply chain management, and more. The episode will launch in December.

Donnacha O’Riordan, Director of Connected Motion and Robotics at Analog Devices, said: “We must make the supply chain highly automated if we want the supply chain to remain resilient and secure for the expected growth in e-commerce. Collaborative robots and autonomous Mobile robots will be at the heart of this automation. At ADI, sophisticated technologies that connect the physical and digital worlds are in our DNA. These are high-tech technologies that enable humans and machines to collaborate.”

“Molex is delighted to once again partner with Digi-Key to develop rich content for our customers to address their real-world concerns,” said Fred Bell, vice president of global distribution at Molex. “As a leader in integrated electronics solutions and a leader in all major industries Manufacturers, in these particularly challenging times, we are able to help and guide our customers with our long-standing experience in solving supply chain issues.”

To watch this video series and learn how Digi-Key is addressing supply chain transformation, visit the Digi-Key website.

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