On March 1, the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company held a video conference at the provincial, city and county levels to make a comprehensive deployment of the power protection work for the National Two Sessions in 2021, effectively strengthen the power grid safety operation management, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the Henan power grid during the National Two Sessions.


State Grid Henan Electric Power organizes various units to carry out special line inspections and safety hazard investigations for important users, especially the power supply lines affiliated to government agencies and the Radio and Television Bureau, to carry out “one-to-one” professional guidance for special users, and to issue problems found. Safety hazard rectification notice, and follow up and guide the whole process to the closed loop of rectification. Improve the power protection level of key customers, prepare emergency power supplies, and ensure that there is no power outage event for important users such as government agencies, news media, stations, municipalities, hospitals, radio and television, and no public opinion incidents caused by power supply responsibility.

The company will strengthen the power grid dispatching operation control, reasonably arrange the power grid operation mode, maintain the “full protection, full wiring, full mode” operation of the entire grid, and do not arrange planned maintenance work; closely track the weather changes and roll out load forecasts to optimize the regional power grid operation in a timely manner Ways; strengthen the real-time operation monitoring of the power grid, strictly prohibit ultra-stable limit operation, and deal with abnormal power grid failures in a timely and accurate manner; strengthen automation and communication operation on duty, and strictly control the network security of the power monitoring system to ensure the safe and stable operation of related facilities.

At present, 3,104 emergency repair teams and 26,000 emergency repair personnel in the company’s provinces, cities and counties have been on call in real time to ensure that emergencies are dealt with effectively as soon as possible, and go all out to ensure that important power customers are safe and worry-free during the two sessions.

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