It was reported on May 27 that at the 2021 China International Big Data Industry Expo (referred to as the Data Expo), “Guizhou · Youwei Huawei Cloud City Summit kicked off. This is also Zhang Ping’s first public appearance after serving as Huawei Cloud CEO.

According to previous reports, on May 18, Huawei internally issued a number of personnel adjustments. Huawei issued a document stating that with the approval of the president, Yu Chengdong was removed from the position of Huawei Cloud CEO, and Zhang Ping’an was appointed as Huawei Cloud CEO. In addition, Yu Chengdong is still the CEO of the consumer BG and the CEO of the newly added smart car solution BU.

In addition, the summit also released the joint innovation achievements of Gui’an Huawei cloud data center, cloud Kunpeng brand server and Guizhou’s first Kunpeng server, and data element market trusted circulation.


HUAWEI CLOUD CEO Zhang Ping’an: Focus on cloud native and government-enterprise dual track

Zhang Ping’an, Senior Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Cloud, and President of Consumer Cloud Services

Before serving as HUAWEI CLOUD CEO, Zhang Ping’an was already the president of HUAWEI CLOUD BU, which is equivalent to managing the business. Therefore, it can be seen at this conference that HUAWEI CLOUD’s next strategy has taken shape.

Zhang Ping’an said that cloud computing, as the base of digital technology and capabilities, is the best carrier of data. The industry is advancing. After four years of development, HUAWEI CLOUD has become the first choice for government and enterprise intelligent upgrades, ranking fifth in the world and second in China, and it is also the fastest growing cloud in the world.

“At present, the development of HUAWEI CLOUD has entered a new second stage. This year, HUAWEI CLOUD strategy will be upgraded again, focusing on cloud native and government-enterprise dual-track, cooperating with Huawei’s terminal cloud services, process IT cloud, and focusing on artificial intelligence. Innovations in cloud services such as big data have launched a series of blockbuster products, built a resilient industrial ecosystem, and created the strongest cloud base for data value and industrial digitization to help thousands of industries upgrade intelligently.” Zhang Ping’an said.

Talking about the cooperation between Huawei and Guizhou, Zhang Ping’an mentioned that Huawei will continue to strengthen its investment in Guizhou to jointly prosper the big data industry in Guizhou. The Huawei Cloud Data Center is expected to build more than 1 million servers and will become Huawei’s largest data center in the world. Center, and Huawei Cloud’s global operation center will be located in Gui’an New District.

At the same time, Zhang Ping’an mentioned several aspects of Huawei’s layout in Guizhou:

First, vigorously invest in building China’s digital valley, establish national and even global data benchmarks, strengthen the application of technological innovation in the fields of green energy conservation in data centers, and establish Guizhou to build the largest cloud computing service industry cluster serving the whole country in the south, and realize a trillion-fold increase in the digital economy. growth target.

Second, continue to promote the construction of one cloud, one network and one platform in Guizhou Province, invest in the digital industry to empower the intelligent upgrade of government affairs, and create a model point of government affairs cloud.

The third focuses on data governance, builds a humanized data supply chain with artificial intelligence big data solutions, and realizes the free circulation of safe data and the efficient innovation of unified governance.

Fourth, build a cloud platform for basic industries such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, software development cloud, etc., to empower the development of digital industries in Guizhou with agile, safe and reliable cloud architecture services, and implement the big action of integration of thousands of enterprises.

Fifth, increase investment in the cultivation of innovative talents, integrate production and education, train innovative technical talents, and jointly run schools with local schools to build a profound talent foundation for industrial upgrading.

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