LED Driver (LED Driver) refers to a power adjustment Electronic device that drives LED light or LED module components to work normally. Due to the conduction characteristics of the LED PN junction, the voltage and current fluctuation range of the power supply it can adapt to is very narrow. A slight deviation may not light the LED or seriously reduce the luminous efficiency, or shorten the service life or even burn the chip. The current industrial frequency power supply and common battery power supply are not suitable for directly supplying LEDs. LED drivers are such electronic components that can drive LEDs to work under optimal voltage or current conditions.

On September 17, STMicroelectronics released the HVLED007 AC/DC LED driver, which uses a new distortion suppression input current shaping (ICS) circuit to enable energy-efficient solid-state lamps to meet increasingly stringent lighting regulations.

The HVLED007 is a peak current mode PFC controller specially designed for isolated high power factor quasi-resonant flyback converters, the ICS circuit ensures that the grid input current is a true sinusoidal alternating current, over the entire load and input voltage range, the input Current total harmonic distortion (THD) is extremely low, less than 5% at full load. With a power factor close to 1 and a maximum energy efficiency above 90%, the HVLED007 allows designers to drive multiple medium and high power LED lighting fixtures up to 80W with just one control IC.

The HVLED007 completes ST’s HVLED series of digital IC products that directly drive LED lamps with grid rectified power. HVLED drivers integrate advanced features to support economical primary-side regulation, reducing bill of materials cost and circuit size while improving system reliability and lighting performance.

The HVLED007 has a minimum operating temperature of -40°C and can be used for outdoor lighting such as street lamps as well as indoor lighting. The totem pole output stage sources 600mA and sinks 800mA. In addition to lighting applications, the HVLED007 can be used in EN61000-3-2 standard switching power supplies up to 100W. The built-in protection functions of the chip include short circuit protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection.

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