News Morning Post: Luo Yonghao’s 600 million acquisition case with a premium of 28 times has gone yellow

Luo Yonghao failed in A! The 600 million acquisition case with a premium of 28 times has become yellow, and it has plummeted by 30% after 3 consecutive boards

Luo Yonghao’s “Real Legend” has not yet finished, but investors said that they have been cut leeks again! On the evening of December 3, Sunway issued an announcement stating that, considering that the new regulations of the live broadcast industry will have a great impact on the development of the platform and the live broadcast industry, Sunway and the target shareholders of the acquisition have made a valuation and pricing, profit forecast and corrective measures for this transaction. The core terms such as gambling were re-judged, and in the end, no consensus was reached, and the two parties unanimously decided to terminate the acquisition of Xingkong Yewang.

The main shareholders of Xingkong Ambition include Luo Yonghao’s brother Luo Yongxiu and a number of entrepreneurial partners. According to the previous agreement, after the completion of the equity transfer, Sunway Co., Ltd. will become the largest shareholder of Xingkong Yewang and actually control the target company, and Xingkong Ambition will become a subsidiary within the scope of Sunway Co., Ltd.’s consolidated statements, and will be listed “backdoor”.

Previously, Luo Yonghao said on a variety show that he had paid off almost 400 million of the 600 million debt he started at the end of 2018, and the remaining 200 million debt could be repaid in about a year or so. True Story”. There is speculation in the industry that if Xingkong Yewang succeeds in backdoor listing, it will speed up his debt repayment. But now, there may be a lot of time before the final stage of “True Rebirth”.

The stock of Sunway has been going down all the way. As of the close on December 3, Sunway closed at 6.81 yuan per share. The stock price fell by more than 30% from the highest point on November 12, and was still down 6.33% from the price before the reorganization, with a total market value of 3.541 billion. Yuan. (Securities Times)

Domestic News

  burst!U.S. Commerce Department Officially Adds SMIC and CNOOC to Defense Blacklist

On Thursday, the Trump administration officially blacklisted SMIC and CNOOC, Reuters reported.

The Defense Ministry has designated four other companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military, including China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. and China International Engineering Consulting Company. The Chinese embassy in Washington, SMIC and CNOOC did not immediately respond to requests for comment. According to the inquiry, the news has been registered in the US Federal Notice.

  Achieve a milestone breakthrough!China’s quantum computing prototype nine chapters come out

On December 4, Chinese scientists announced the construction of a quantum computing prototype “Nine Chapters” with 76 photons (qubits). In terms of speed, it takes only 200 seconds to solve the mathematical algorithm Gaussian Bose sampling, while current supercomputers take 600 million years. 50 qubits are generally considered to be the key threshold for proving that quantum computers are expected to surpass conventional computers. “Nine Chapters” is named after a well-known mathematics monograph in ancient my country. This breakthrough makes my country the second country in the world to achieve “quantum superiority”.

 The Chang’e-5 ascender ignited and took off, realizing my country’s first take-off of extraterrestrial celestial bodies

At 23:10 on December 3, the Chang’e-5 ascender was ignited on the lunar surface. After the 3,000-N engine worked for about 6 minutes, the ascender carrying the lunar soil was successfully sent to the predetermined orbit around the moon, successfully realizing my country’s first extraterrestrial realization. The celestial body takes off.

According to experts, unlike ground take-off, the Chang’e-5 ascender does not have a mature launch tower system for lunar take-off, and the lander is equivalent to the “temporary tower” of the ascender. In addition, because there is no navigation constellation on the moon, after the ascender takes off, it needs to use its own special sensors to achieve autonomous positioning and control with the assistance of ground measurement and control. Pose. (Xinhua News Agency)

  The first model of the new Honor, code-named YORK, is expected to be Honor V40

On December 4, digital blogger @Digital Chat Station said that Honor’s first new phone since Huawei’s independence has been put on record. Yes, it will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity series 5G chips.

The application unit and production unit of the aircraft are both “Honor Terminal Co., Ltd.”, which is the main body of the new glory after independence.

On November 26, 2019, Honor released two models, V30 and V30Pro, equipped with Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 990 SoC and starting with 6GB of storage. It is the industry’s first full-line 5G dual-mode full Netcom mobile phone.

  Yuncong’s IPO application on the Science and Technology Innovation Board has been accepted

On December 3, the artificial intelligence company “Yuncong Technology” disclosed its listing documents on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming another public offering AI company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

According to the prospectus, the public offering of Yuncong Technology is expected to raise 3.75 billion yuan. The net proceeds from the raised funds will all focus on the research and development of its artificial intelligence technology to continuously improve its technical strength and product capabilities in artificial intelligence, including the human-machine collaborative operating system upgrade project, the Qingzhou system ecological construction project, and the comprehensive artificial intelligence solution. Serving ecological projects and supplementing working capital. (36 krypton)

  China Radio and Television: In the future, 5G mobile phones can receive TV programs for free

At the 700MHz technology and industrial application seminar held yesterday, Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd., said, how can China Radio and Television avoid homogeneous competition with the traditional three major operators and form differentiated development?

The breakthrough point found by China Radio and Television is: 5G NR broadcasting. Zeng Qingjun introduced that 5G NR broadcasting does not change the existing system of the 5G transmission layer, and uses the existing 5G NR channel to carry out the 5G network, so that all 5G terminals can receive digital TV broadcasted by 5G, without worrying about traffic and traffic. network congestion problem. (Communication World)

 Ali launches AI model “Taji”

On December 3, the country’s first AI model, Taji, was officially launched on the Ali original protection platform. It is independently developed by Alibaba and is used to provide apparel merchants with solutions for model static images, short videos, and live broadcasts, reducing the burden on merchants, reducing the risk of image theft, using innovative technologies to protect intellectual property rights, protect innovation and creation, and allow merchants to have more energy To innovate and create, to promote business progress.

According to reports, the AI ​​model uses innovative algorithm technology to generate thousands of facial feature combinations based on the Target Face module to form a unique virtual face in the world, and uses algorithm technology to transform clothing tiles. “Wearing” a 3D image on the model directly reduces the new human and financial cost of the business. (Titanium Media)

  Reuters: JD Logistics expects to raise up to US$3 billion in Hong Kong listing in 2021

Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that JD Logistics will go public in Hong Kong in the first half of 2021, with a financing scale of between US$2 billion and US$3 billion and a valuation of around US$40 billion.

As early as December, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that’s logistics arm had held preliminary discussions with a number of banks about a potential overseas IPO, which was then reported to be valued at at least $30 billion.

In late 2017, spun off its logistics division into a separate entity and then opened up its delivery and warehousing services to third-party companies. In 2018, JD Logistics raised US$2.5 billion, with major investors including Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital China, China Merchants Group, Tencent Holdings and China Life Insurance. (DoNews)

  international News

  2020 Fortune Business Person of the Year revealed: Musk tops the list, Bezos 7th, Zhang Yong 17th

On December 3, the 2020 “Fortune” annual list of business figures was released. Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, ranked 17th, and is the only executive on the list who works for a Chinese company. AMD CEO Su Zifeng ranked second, followed by Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun. Bezos, the richest man in the world, ranks seventh this year.

According to foreign media, Elon Musk was named the “Best Businessman in 2020” by the US “Fortune” magazine, not only because of Tesla’s market value, but in a special year like 2020, he rushed to the number one car company in the world , and has also won awards for other world-changing feats. Only one business leader has ever topped Fortune’s Person of the Year list twice, and he’s Elon Musk (last time in 2013)

However, in the face of the media hype and the outside world, Musk declined to comment in Fortune, saying: “I don’t want awards or recognition.” Because, Musk believes, working for his company Talent is the key to success. Over the years, he has tirelessly repeated himself to accept all the awards on behalf of “the great folks at Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and the Boring Co.”

  Musk said humans should beware of population collapse: I have 6 children trying to set an example

On the 1st, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at an event in Berlin, Germany that humans should beware of population collapse. “Low fertility is a big risk, and if the average age becomes very high, young people effectively become slaves to care for the elderly.” When asked how to address the issue, Musk said of his six children: “I try to set a good example in having kids.”

 Facebook is accused of illegally suppressing VR rivals, the US Department of Justice is investigating

Some virtual reality (VR) startups are reportedly accusing Facebook of illegally crowding out competitors, sparking a new round of scrutiny from U.S. regulators. Back in 2014, Facebook acquired VR maker Oculus for $2 billion, making it the world’s largest VR hardware maker. Facebook is using some familiar tactics to crowd out rivals in the VR space, two people familiar with the matter said today, a practice that has now drawn the attention of the Justice Department’s antitrust division. Right now, the Justice Department is reaching out to developers in the VR space about their interactions with Facebook. (Sina Technology)

 Goldman Sachs upgrades Tesla to “buy” from “neutral”, price target of $780

Goldman Sachs upgraded the red-hot Tesla stock to “buy” from “neutral” after hours on Wednesday and sharply raised its price target to $780 from $455, implying further gains from current levels more than 30%.

Goldman Sachs’ price target for Tesla is currently the highest of any investment bank on Wall Street.

Goldman Sachs said it is increasingly bullish on the electric vehicle industry in general and believes Tesla will remain dominant even as the industry expands. (Sina Finance)

  Arm CEO speaks out on China

Arm Chief Executive Simon Seggs said recently that he hoped regulators would be “bullish” about the company’s deal with U.S. chipmaker Nvidia. Seggs believes that ARM’s core technology is in British hands and protected, and will not become American technology because of the acquisition, so China can safely approve the transaction.

Nvidia announced on Sept. 13 that it plans to buy the British chip designer from Japan’s SoftBank in a gargantuan $40 billion deal, but the acquisition has several hurdles to overcome.

“Many jurisdictions around the world require regulatory approval,” Seggs said late Tuesday. “It’s a lengthy process. Regulators have to interact a lot to provide the information they want. Technically, China can prevent This deal.” (EETOP semiconductor Community)

  Samsung’s new wireless charging patent reveals that a “ring” can be used to charge mobile phones

According to a patent document filed by Samsung in the Korean Patent Office, a very peculiar little device has been revealed that describes a “ring” that can charge a smartphone. The device isn’t powered by a battery wrapped around your finger, though. Instead, the disks inside the “ring” generate electrical current through the movement of the hand. In layman’s terms, there is a micro-generator in the ring.

But that’s not all, according to the patent, in addition to the kinetic energy of movement, the ring can also convert the body’s heat into electricity.

Of course, there will also be a small battery to store the generated power before transferring it to the phone. That’s the neat thing about the Ring, which charges the phone while the user is using it, without the need for a cable or charger to charge the phone. (Webmaster’s House)


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