Where is the gap between fingerprint recognition and face recognition, and what kind of crisis is hidden in biometrics?

Since the advent of the Electronic information age, people have never stopped the research on information security, especially the security issues based on personal privacy. In the past few years of the rapid rise of smartphones, mobile phones carry a large amount of personal information of users. Once lost or the power-on password is cracked by someone with a heart, […]

Keysight Technologies 5G Terminal Test Solution Helps National Radio Monitoring Center

Beijing, China, October 29, 2020 – Keysight Technologies has announced that its 5G end-device testing solution has been selected by the State Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center (SRTC), an independent third-party testing and testing laboratory in China, to support 5G National and international certification of mobile devices. Keysight Technologies is a leading global technology company dedicated to helping enterprises, service […]

STMicroelectronics 70W High-Power Wireless Charging Chipset Improves Charging Speed, Energy Efficiency and Flexibility

China, October 9, 2021 – STMicroelectronics’ STWLC98 highly integrated wireless charging receiver chip brings faster wireless charging and flexible power sharing to a wide range of portable and mobile devices for home, office, industrial, Healthcare and in-vehicle applications. When used in conjunction with the STWBC2-HP transmitter chip, the complete wireless charging transceiver system can provide up to 70W of power […]

Automotive Quiescent Current Minimization Based on the MAX15006 Linear Regulator

“In recent years, many automotive mechanical functions have been replaced or improved by Electronic circuits. As a result, the number of microprocessors installed in each car has risen rapidly, increasing the energy consumption of the car’s battery. These power draws are not a problem as long as the car engine and alternator are working properly. “ In recent years, many […]

C&K Announces Space Splice High-Reliability Four-Way Connectors

Waltham, MA – July 8, 2021 – C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, has developed a new high-reliability connector, the Space Splice four-way connector. This connector is ideal for applications in aerospace systems, especially satellites, such as payloads, wire harnesses, thermistors, and multilayer insulators. The connectors feature a unique patented design and are currently applying for ESA certification. […]

[Breakthrough]Xi’an Jiaotong University has made new achievements in the field of flexible device mechanical structure design and intelligent flexible sensing

In recent years, with the prevalence of major diseases and the improvement of public health concepts, wearable health monitoring has gradually emerged. Human skin strain is an important indicator of wearable health monitoring, which can reflect human health information in an all-round way. However, due to the large difference (two orders of magnitude) of skin deformation amplitudes in different parts […]

Internet giants continue to pour into the home improvement industry, a new round of competition opens

Under the epidemic this year, the online penetration rate of the home improvement industry has increased rapidly. Internet giants such as Ali, Pinduoduo, and Meituan are scrambling to deploy, and market competition has intensified. In November, Ali officially launched the “Laying Flat” small store plan to create a cross-category home furnishing collection point. Pinduoduo added a whole-house customization category to […]

Huawei may reject Sweden’s 5G patent authorization; once again call for glory to be added to the blacklist; domestic home appliance giants access Hongmeng; making low-end products is not Xiaomi’s original intention; Intel vows to challenge NVIDIA

Huawei may reject Sweden’s 5G patent authorization October 16, 2021, techweb news. On October 11, 2021, the Swedish Administrative Court issued an announcement on “Huawei’s appeal to Sweden’s 5G ban”. According to the report: The Stockholm court has approved Huawei’s appeal application against the “5G ban” issued by the Swedish government. This means that Huawei will enter the next step, […]