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Time flies so fast, I don’t need Mingmei to mention it, everyone should be very emotional! Up to now, I believe that the vast number of fruit fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should know that Mingmei Infinite has been committed to bringing the latest happenings of Apple, iOS and iPhone to many fruit fans. In 2020, continue to create a new world for fruit fans with Mingmei Infinite!

Next year’s new iPhone will be really full screen: fruit fans are about to boil

Back to today’s topic, as we all know, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs released the first-generation iPhone. At that time, few people could imagine that a small mobile phone can contain such a large amount of energy. The iPhone has created a new era of smartphones. For 13 consecutive years, Apple has been highly sought after, and countless people are rushing to buy iPhone mobile phones. The annual autumn new product launch conference has attracted countless attention.

Recently, it has been reported that Apple may launch a new iPhone with under-screen fingerprints next year, which means that a full-screen iPhone without bangs is coming.

Since the iPhone X, Apple has replaced fingerprint recognition with face recognition. As Samsung, Huawei and other non-Apple index factories have introduced under-screen fingerprint recognition, the so-called “full-screen mobile phone” has been realized, which has become a major selling point. Now Apple is starting to think about adding off-screen fingerprint recognition to the iPhone.

Next year’s new iPhone will be really full screen: fruit fans are about to boil

In fact, as early as before the iPhone X was released in 2017, Apple had already applied for a related off-screen fingerprint patent, that is, removing the Touch ID physical Home button to realize the off-screen fingerprint function. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned in the report that Apple will launch an iPhone with an under-screen fingerprint version as soon as 2021, and they have been testing under-screen fingerprint technology before.

In addition, Ben Geskin, a well-known Twitter whistleblower today, released information about the prototype of the new iPhone (D53), which is even more exciting, because the iPhone finally bid farewell to Liu Haiping in the rendering and adopts a “true full-screen” design.

Despite removing the bangs, Apple still retains Face ID (previously Bloomberg reported that the 2020 iPhone may support screen fingerprint recognition), and the module is cleverly hidden within the narrow bezel at the top. It should be pointed out that if Apple pursues the design of equidistant borders around the screen, the screen ratio of the new phone may face challenges. Whether the new iPhone will bring a breakthrough in appearance next year is worth looking forward to.

In addition, Ben Geskin also pointed out that the mute button in the prototype has also been adjusted to slide up and down on the phone instead of sliding horizontally from front to back.

As for the interface, Type-C may still miss the iPhone next year. There is another point that can improve the user’s heart index for the 2020 iPhone, and that is 5G. There have been many speculations that the iPhone will support 5G next year.

In addition, according to foreign media reports, JPMorgan analysts obtained information from the supply chain that Apple’s 2020 iPhone will undergo very big changes, and the existing 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch versions will be available. Changed to 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches, in addition to “larger than big”, it also provides a “small screen” version, which is really excellent; and the 6.1-inch version is further divided into high and low With the version, I don’t know what the specific difference between the high and low will be. In other words, Apple will launch 4 new iPhones next year.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s mobile phones are known for being expensive. Although the price of iPhone 11 has been lowered this year, it is still the starting point of more than 5K. Although people are looking forward to the cheap price of Apple’s mobile phones, they seem to know that this is impossible. So iPhone 11 sales are still good. However, next year, Apple may release a mobile phone starting with the word 2. It is reported that Apple has notified the supply chain to start stocking this month. Mingmei is surprised!

As early as October this year, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report predicting that Apple will launch the iPhone SE2 in the first quarter of 2020. The report also predicts that the appearance design and most hardware specifications of the iPhone SE2 are very similar to the iPhone 8. The main specifications include: using the same A13 chip as the iPhone 11 series; NAND Flash has two storage versions of 64GB and 128GB; Color options are space gray, white, and red. In terms of price, the report predicts that the iPhone SE2 will start at $399.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone SE2 will be the best choice for the existing 170-200 million iPhone 6 and 6S series users, and will become an important growth driver for Apple in 2020.

If the iPhone se2 will be launched next year, it will inevitably have an impact on the sales of the iPhone 11. iPhone sales have been declining in recent years, because there are not too many bright spots now, they are all living on their own, and the rise of domestic machines and Samsung has occupied the European market, and it has impacted Apple’s sales. In the third quarter, iPhone sales are expected to drop by about 10%. The iPhonese was originally used as a model for testing the market, but it sold unexpectedly well. After three months of launch, it occupied 16% of the U.S. market. It is frequently out of stock in the country.

From the perspective of the flagship phone market in 2019, in addition to the iPhone, Android products also face the problem of bottlenecks in innovation. Appearance, performance, screen, camera, fast charging… All major manufacturers are trying their best to create selling points in these directions, but in the end, it is difficult to avoid homogeneity. They can only use cost performance to start a price war and use intensive release rhythm to maintain heat, and thus snatch that piece of the shrinking market.

The mobile phone industry is collectively moving towards mediocrity. It is not so much that manufacturers are not making progress, but that the development of smartphones has already encountered a ceiling. For 2020, Apple’s answer is 5G, low prices and more launches. Whether it will work or not will be answered soon.

In the end, what Mingmei Infinite wants to say is: Although Apple has attracted a lot of criticism at this stage, there are also more senior and loyal old fruit fans like Mingmei Infinite who have been silently supporting it along with the development. But now Apple’s latest official version of iOS 13 is getting more and more complaints. I hope Apple’s official version of iOS 13.3 will come out as soon as possible, which will give us fans a little comfort.

So, if you have anything else to say about Apple’s new iPhone next year, you may leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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