On March 19, it is reported that Nokia announced that it has been selected as the 5G RAN partner of Chunghwa Telecom.

As a leader in mobile communication services in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom is fully prepared to enter the 5G market with the best spectrum combination to meet the high-quality demands of Taiwan’s consumer and enterprise markets. To help Chunghwa Telecom achieve this ambitious goal, Nokia will be responsible for the deployment of 5G wireless networks in Taichung and Tainan.

Nokia will work closely with Chunghwa Telecom to support Chunghwa Telecom’s goal of being the first to provide 5G services. Nokia will use Chunghwa Telecom’s existing LTE network and abundant spectrum resources to deploy a 5G NSA network covering multiple frequency bands, and lay a solid foundation for the future 5G SA network. At the same time, since this cooperation includes Nokia’s deployment services, the progress of network construction will be accelerated. The network will also use Nokia’s latest breakthrough technology Reefshark chipset solution to demonstrate the excellent scalability and excellent performance of 5G network.

This network construction plan is actively underway. Chunghwa Telecom aims to offer 5G services in Taiwan this July, allowing its customers to use 4K quality and VR to watch this summer’s major sporting events.

The cooperation between Nokia and Chunghwa Telecom can be traced back to 1973 to build fixed network infrastructure for Taiwan. Working closely with Chunghwa Telecom in recent years, it has made adequate preparations for the provision of 5G services, including 5G technology verification, interoperability and development testing (IoDT), and demonstrations of various use cases ranging from consumer-grade applications to enterprise-grade application scenarios.

In addition, Nokia announced a partnership with China Mobile/CMCC Guangxi to provide a landslide monitoring and early warning system for highway operation and management company BGIGC Group (Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., Ltd.).