SpaceX successfully launches its first manned flight to the International Space Station

RELATED: SpaceX sends astronauts to space station for first manned space launch Sina Technology News Beijing time in the early morning of May 31st, according to foreign media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s space exploration technology company SpaceX launched the manned “Dragon spacecraft” for the first time today, successfully sending two The launch of an American astronaut into orbit ushered […]

SMIC Shenzhen’s new project announced, with a monthly investment of 40,000 12-inch wafers

Recently, the Shenzhen Pingshan District Investment Promotion Service Agency released the “Announcement on the Selection Plan of the 12-inch Wafer Foundry Production Line Supporting Plant Project”. The bulk gas station and chemical warehouse and other supporting facilities required for the construction of the 12-inch wafer foundry production line have a total construction area of ​​about 69,410 square meters (subject to […]

Scientists invent high-speed laser writing method: 500TB of data can be stored on CD-sized glass

Researchers have developed a fast and energy-efficient laser writing method for producing high-density nanostructures in silica glass. These tiny structures can be used for long-term five-dimensional (5D) optical data storage at more than 10,000 times the density of Blu-ray Disc storage technology. Yuhao Lei, a doctoral researcher at the University of Southampton, UK, said: “Individuals and organisations are generating increasingly […]

Design of a Folded Cascode Operational Amplifier

“With the continuous development of integrated circuit technology, high-performance operational amplifiers are widely used in high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), switched capacitor filters, bandgap voltage references and precision comparators, etc. In various circuit systems, it has become the core unit circuit of analog integrated circuit and mixed-signal integrated circuit design, and its performance directly affects the overall performance […]

Design of Heading and Attitude Computer Based on Programmable Logic Device

“The attitude computer in the strapdown inertial navigation realizes the digital platform navigation, which needs to be able to complete the acquisition of various sensor measurement data and the transmission of the attitude results and system status at a high speed and accurately while performing complex operations. The usual practice is to use one or more DSP chips to complete, […]

COVID-19: Applied Ventures helps life sciences companies fight deadly virus with materials engineering

Without a doubt, materials engineering is the lifeblood of Applied Materials. Applied Materials has a unique ability to form, shape, adjust, analyze, and connect the materials and devices that are critical to advancing the entire semiconductor industry. Today, with the help of materials engineering, new chip designs and system architectures are emerging in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, […]