Overcome complexity with simplicity, ZTE AIC opens a new chapter in NFV automation integration

“The global telecommunications network is gradually evolving towards virtualization. However, as the degree of decoupling of software and hardware increases after virtualization, the networking becomes more complex. The network structure is evolving towards multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-component, and multi-interface. Businesses will face multiple challenges such as multi-vendor and cross-domain integration when building virtualized networks, and urgently need end-to-end, automated tool solutions […]

Blockchain technology will have great potential in the medical field

As blockchain technology still faces many challenges—from speed to cost to interoperability and perception-building—the enthusiasm surrounding this emerging technology has died down a bit. In fact, many practitioners believe that this is a good thing. The chicken feathers in the currency circle finally dissipated, and real blockchain research is expected to attract attention. For example, some researchers have found that […]

Unisplendour security chip has passed SM9 algorithm national secret level 2 certification: data can be kept for 25 years

Tsinghua Unigroup announced that the SM9 algorithm carried by its THD89 high-performance security chip, THD89, has recently obtained the second-level national secret certification, becoming one of the first security chips in China to receive this certification. It is reported that the SM9 algorithm is a password algorithm based on user identification promulgated by the State Secret Service. It does not […]

Equal Precision Frequency Measurement Based on STM32 and CPLD Programmable Logic Devices

“The traditional frequency measurement method has great limitations in practical application. The measurement accuracy of the frequency meter based on the traditional frequency measurement principle will change with the change of the measured signal frequency. The measurement accuracy of the traditional direct frequency measurement method will vary with the As the frequency of the measured signal decreases, the measurement accuracy […]