The commercialization of the Mini-LED industry is accelerating and industrial chain manufacturers are expected to leverage

Recently, it was reported that Samsung Display will stop the existing LCD panel production line in August this year, convert it to a QD-OLED production line, and achieve the goal of mass production of QD-OLED in 2021. The outflow of this news has attracted countless discussions and detonated the panel industry. So what is the difference between QD-OLED screen and […]

ASML spent ten years of research and development, and the stock price of Japanese manufacturers soared 900%! What exactly is pre-measurement?

Chips focuses on reporting chip and semiconductor industry innovations, especially the new computing revolution and domestic substitution wave led by chip design innovation; we are a group of “chips” people who will take you on a tour of the “chips” Chenhai.  Demystifying ASML’s ten-year pre-measurement market! Not long ago, on January 20, ASML, the world’s leading lithography machine, officially delivered […]

Application scheme of car lamp diagnosis system based on MC68HC908QL4 chip and LIN bus

“The on-line diagnostic system of car lamp based on LIN bus is introduced and the hardware module and software structure are briefly analyzed. LIN bus system has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance and low price, which is an inevitable trend of the development of automotive Electronic technology. At present, how to use bus technology to improve vehicle performance […]