Equal Precision Frequency Measurement Based on STM32 and CPLD Programmable Logic Devices

“The traditional frequency measurement method has great limitations in practical application. The measurement accuracy of the frequency meter based on the traditional frequency measurement principle will change with the change of the measured signal frequency. The measurement accuracy of the traditional direct frequency measurement method will vary with the As the frequency of the measured signal decreases, the measurement accuracy […]

Samsung is already developing a low-cost reversible Chromebook code-named “Bugzzy”

Samsung may be developing a new low-cost Chromebook, and it is a laptop that can change form. Evidence of the existence of this new device was found in the Chromium repository, code-named “Bugzzy” The mysterious Samsung Chromebook (discovered by Chrome Unbox) seems to be powered by Intel’s Jasper Lake processor and meets the requirements of low-cost devices, but the screen […]

Burst! Trump banned Xiaomi, China Micro Semiconductor, Gowin Semiconductor, etc.!

The current US president has only five days left, but the Trump administration’s suppression of Chinese companies has not stopped, and the “final madness” is still being staged. January 14,The U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce have separately “blocked” 9 Chinese companies and 2 Chinese companies. Including aircraft manufacturer Comac,Mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi (Xiaomi), And Zhongguancun Development […]

The control system of car steering wheel based on bluetooth technology

“A design scheme of steering wheel control system based on bluetooth technology is introduced. The use of Bluetooth transmission technology to realize the Electronic optimization design of the switch of the steering wheel panel of the car, to overcome the disadvantage of looking down for the switch in the traditional driving process, so that most operations are realized on the […]

Visionox: Smartphones supply Honor, Xiaomi and many other brands

Recently, Visionox said in an agency survey that according to the company’s semi-annual performance forecast, the sales revenue of OLED products was 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion yuan, an increase of 80% to 94% over the same period last year, and the production line utilization rate increased significantly. , gross profit margin improved significantly. Regarding the customer’s situation, Visionox said […]

Ziguang Guowei’s FPGA business, preparations for independent listing?

In the latest news, Ziguang Guowei (002049) issued an announcement that it will transfer its indirectly held 4.5% stake in Shenzhen Ziguang Tongchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ziguang Tongchuang”). The above transaction is publicly listed and transferred through a property rights exchange. Ziguang Tongchuang is a company indirectly invested by Ziguang Guowei, and holds the equity of […]