Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons expert Peter Pry has warned that these weapons pose a serious danger to the United States. He shared the warning with Connecting the Dots host Dan Happel on a Sept. 14 episode of Brighteon.tv. Pry further mentioned that enemy states could use EMP weapons to indirectly destroy America’s power grid and food supply.

First, Pry introduces his background and shares how he acquired his knowledge about EMP weapons. Although he holds multiple doctorates, his time at the CIA has proven to be his most knowledgeable source. Peter Pry commented that he “basically [他的] He has spent his career working in the field of national security. The expert went on to say that his work at the CIA allowed him to learn from nuclear weapons designers, physicists and electrical engineers. However, one thing that sets him apart from his colleagues is his understanding of how enemy states will use these nuclear weapons Arms against the U.S. has a detailed understanding. Peter Pry also added that his comprehensive understanding of the context of the enemy’s military doctrine and military exercises gives him an advantage.

Happel then asked what the EMP weapons were and what the U.S. government’s “planning blunder” against them was. “Using an electromagnetic pulse weapon,[敌国] It can really hurt America,” the host commented.

Pry defines an EMP weapon as one that produces a large amount of electromagnetic energy when exploded. “[EMP] Very powerful, we’re talking thousands of volts per meter,” he said. According to Pry, volts per meter (VPM) means the target will receive 1,000 to 3,000 volts, depending on their length in meters. For example, a vehicle that is 5 meters long and has a voltage of 3,000 volts will inject 15,000 VPM at the speed of light.

Pry went on to say that a 2-meter computer cable could inject 6,000 VPM at the speed of light. He noted that computers and other Electronic equipment are designed for 120 volts or less. “If you go a little above that voltage, it will blow things up and put [它们] short circuit. “EMP can be used to target the U.S. power grid, and Peter Pry elaborated that electromagnetic pulse weapons, both nuclear and non-nuclear, can generate powerful electric fields. “Even a crude first-generation atomic bomb…[那个] EMPs are also produced by what terrorists put together,” Puri said.

He added: “If you launch that thing from a freighter [或] Use… a weather balloon to lift it above 30 kilometers, enough to crash the eastern US power grid. By the way, we’re talking about high-altitude bursts used in nuclear electromagnetic pulse attacks. Pry told Happel that when an EMP weapon is dropped from an altitude of 30 kilometers, the radius of the resulting electric field will reach 600 kilometers. He added that the higher the altitude, the greater the impact range. Pry said: “If the [up] 300 km, you can cover all 48 adjacent [美国州] Plus most of Canada and most of Mexico.

Still, experts warn that an EMP attack could lead to a breakdown in society. Although three grids exist in the continental United States—the Eastern, Western, and Texas grids—an attack on the Eastern grid would spell doom for the country. According to Pry, 75 percent of the country’s electricity comes from the eastern grid — the electricity it produces for most of the population. Pry called EMP weapons “anti-technological weapons” that “could bring about the demise of our modern civilization.” He added that after an EMP attack, many important aspects of civilization, such as telecommunications, transportation and industry, would collapse.

Even the food supply is vulnerable to EMP attacks Pry also elaborates on the impact of EMP attacks on the food supply. According to experts, food spoils immediately after a grid failure because the temperature control system and refrigerator no longer work. Grocery stores can only last about three days in stock, and large regional warehouses can only last for 30 days. Even bringing food has become a problem as the transportation system is eliminated. “Grocery stores are supplied by the transportation system because trucks and cars … are down. We won’t be able to import food because the ports won’t work. All these heavy cranes require a lot of power,” Pry told Happel.

The expert continued: “Even if the world were generous enough to deliver food to our shores, they would end up piling up food in ports. You can’t unload it from a ship. Then, how do you[打算]Ship it domestically…where it needs to be? “Pry said an EMP attack “would replicate the conditions of a nationwide famine,” such as the one in Somalia. He cited African countries being unable to move food to different regions due to a lack of transportation systems. “Even with the UN delivering large quantities of food…[为]starving Somali population,[它]It will pile up at docks because there is not enough transport system to get the food where it is needed,” the expert added.

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