Samsung may be developing a new low-cost Chromebook, and it is a laptop that can change form. Evidence of the existence of this new device was found in the Chromium repository, code-named “Bugzzy”

The mysterious Samsung Chromebook (discovered by Chrome Unbox) seems to be powered by Intel’s Jasper Lake processor and meets the requirements of low-cost devices, but the screen resolution seems to be 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Samsung Chromebook “Bugzzy” may use flip design

More importantly, the design of this computer has a “singularity”, which is said to be “different from the panel type of a clamshell tablet.” However, further excavation of Chromium Gerrit shows that this “singularity” may completely expose the appearance of the Chromebook.

Samsung is already developing a low-cost reversible Chromebook code-named “Bugzzy”

Samsung is already developing a low-cost reversible Chromebook code-named “Bugzzy”

A similar description has previously been used by other brands for devices with a convertible/2-in-1 design. In other words, the mysterious Samsung Buzzy may be a convertible Chromebook with a touch screen that can double as a Chrome-based tablet.

There is no information yet when Samsung may release this ingenious Chromebook. In this regard, the “Galaxy” brand is not mentioned anywhere, which may mean that Buzzy-if it becomes a real product-will not become part of the Galaxy Chromebook series after all, but it may be a Samsung Chromebook (no “Galaxy”) continuation of the series.