On December 22, Baidu Apollo announced that it has cooperated with Texas Instruments (TI) to incorporate TI’s automotive-grade processors into Apollo’s integrated software and hardware design of autonomous driving products, providing the industry with a leading generation of automotive intelligent products.

  Texas Instruments (TI) and Baidu Apollo start high-end intelligent driving mass production cooperation!

Jason Liang, general manager of TI Shenzhen (right)

Guo Yang (left), Chief Product Architect of Baidu IDG

The TI TDA4 processor family, based on the Jacinto™ 7 architecture, helps automakers design advanced driver assistance systems and next-generation semi-autonomous and autonomous driving systems. This family of processors has powerful on-chip data analysis capabilities combined with vision preprocessing accelerators to make system performance more efficient. In addition, this series of processors also plays a crucial role in real-time performance and functional safety.

On December 8th, at the Apollo 2020 Ecological Conference, Baidu just released the mass-produced high-end intelligent driving product ANP. At the same time, it also showed the ACU “Sixi”, a computing platform that supports high-end intelligent driving ANP and autonomous parking AVP functions. , and the platform uses TI’s vehicle-grade Jacinto TDA4 processor to support high-end intelligent driving in all scenarios.


Texas Instruments (TI) based on Jacinto?7 developed TDA4 automotive-grade processor

Curt Moore, general manager of TI’s Jacinto processor, said: “TI developed the TDA4 processor with integrated analytics, machine vision and functional safety features to support a wide range of autonomous driving systems. As one of the world’s largest L4 autonomous driving platforms, Baidu Apollo can combine its leading software algorithms on TI’s processors to bring differentiated solutions to the automotive market.

Jason Liang, general manager of TI Shenzhen, said: “I am honored to represent TI to participate in the launch of Baidu’s new generation of ACU products. In the past cooperation, we have promoted each other and achieved remarkable results. Today’s press conference will be a new starting point for our cooperation. I hope to continue to cooperate with Baidu in more product series in the future, and work together to build the future together!

Guo Yang, chief product architect of Baidu IDG, said: TI is a trusted semiconductor supplier in the global automotive field, and we are delighted to work together to create the next generation of intelligent driving products for the industry. Baidu Apollo will focus on software and algorithms, combined with TI’s automotive-grade processors, adhere to the ecological concept of open cooperation, and devote itself to the accelerated transformation of China’s automotive industry.

With decades of experience in the automotive field, TI has a broad portfolio of more than 7,000 automotive-grade analog and embedded chips, and we maintain our investment in automotive R&D, enabling us to release hundreds of new products every year. product. At the same time, we have brought to market more than 350 fully tested reference designs in ADAS, infotainment, body electronics and lighting, and automotive systems within HEV/EVs, helping our customers accelerate system design and time-to-market .

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