Keyword “dynamic cat pool”

In October 2020, the Wuxi police received an online fraud report. The victim, Mr. Yang, was defrauded of more than 300,000 yuan because of an advertisement for “beauty door-to-door” on the Internet.

During the investigation process, the police unexpectedly discovered that the IP address of the suspect jumped continuously in a large area in Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places in just a few hours, which was completely inconsistent with the normal physical movement laws. “Aerial Trapeze”?

According to the police investigation, this is a new modus operandi – dynamic cat pool. In November 2020, after layers of investigation, the Wuxi police found the hiding place of the “Dynamic Cat Pool” operating company in a city in another province, and caught 18 suspects in one go.

“Dynamic cat pool”: The operator rents multiple fixed broadbands across the country to provide random switching of network addresses for unspecified users. This type of business is generally widely used in black and gray industries such as billing, e-commerce scouring, and game boosting to avoid the risk control strategies of e-commerce platforms and game websites. Of course, the most used ones are telecommunication network fraudsters.

The suspect found more than 160 cities on the Internet, rented more than 5,000 broadband networks, and posted advertisements for the dynamic cat pool on the Internet. Currently, more than 10,000 users have rented his service…

After investigation, the suspect Chen Mou, under the guise of establishing a data technology company, has rented a large amount of broadband in many cities across the country since 2018, and has operated a “dynamic cat pool” business. Grey industry workers. In addition, Chen also provides a network disconnection protection mechanism, the purpose is to help customers avoid blows.

In just two years, Chen and his wife drove a luxury car and lived in a luxury house, becoming “successful people”.

During this period, Chen’s company has been administratively punished by the public security organ, but Chen still refused to make corrections until he was arrested by Wuxi police. It is understood that this is also the first “dynamic cat pool” case in the country, and the review of the case is still in progress.

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