Recently, Visionox said in an agency survey that according to the company’s semi-annual performance forecast, the sales revenue of OLED products was 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion yuan, an increase of 80% to 94% over the same period last year, and the production line utilization rate increased significantly. , gross profit margin improved significantly.

Regarding the customer’s situation, Visionox said that the company’s Kunshan G5.5AMOLED production line and Gu’an G6AMOLED flexible production line have continued to improve the operation level, and smartphones and smart wearable products have been widely delivered to first-line brand customers. The G6AMOLED flexible production line in Hefei was lit up in December 2020. In terms of customers, the company has supplied the main models of Honor, ZTE, Nubia, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other brand customers in the smartphone field. Supply Honor 50 series, V40, 30Pro, Pro+ series products; the under-screen camera upgrade plan has been released, and the application is promoted in collaboration with terminal manufacturers. In terms of ultra-high refresh rate screens, 165Hz and 144Hz are available for Nubia Red Devils and Lenovo Savior gaming phones. In the field of smart wear, customers such as OPPO, Huami and Xiaomi have been supplied. Exclusively for OPPO’s first flexible screen smartwatch OPPOWatch; exclusive for Huami AmazfitX smartwatch; in the first half of this year for Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

In terms of technology, Visionox said that the company has always attached great importance to the research and development of OLED technology. Continuous accumulation in the direction of screen integration and other technologies; active layout in medium-sized and vehicle-mounted directions; continuous technology research and development in the direction of MicroLED through the joint venture company Chengdu Chenxian.

Visionox is actively developing technology in the field of vehicle applications. The flexible AMOLED screen used in the Nezha U transparent A-pillar is provided by the company. In addition, the company cooperates with car companies and auto parts suppliers to promote the application of flexible AMOLED in smart cockpits.

Regarding competitive advantages, Visionox pointed out that the first is technological innovation capability. The company is one of the earliest domestic companies engaged in the research of OLED basic technology. It has been deeply involved in the OLED field for more than 20 years, has a deep technical accumulation, and participates in leading the formulation or revision. A number of OLED international, national and industry standards. The research and development of flexible technology began in 2001, and its products have created a number of world firsts, including the world’s first AMOLED full-curl Display screen, the world’s first flexible screen full-module and other flexible products that can be bent at will. The minimum bending radius can reach 1.6mm. In addition, the company released the world’s first mass-produced under-screen camera solution in 2020, and has released an upgraded version this year, cooperating with customers to promote the application.

The second is a professional team and a rich talent pool that focus on and continue to adhere to career ideals. As a new technology, OLED is currently in the stage of rapid technological development and transformation, and the accumulation of talents within an enterprise is very important. From Kunshan 5.5th generation line to Gu’an 6th generation line, and then to Hefei 6th generation line, the company has achieved a good inheritance of technology, experience and culture, and ensured the smooth progress of each production line.

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