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With the development of smart cities, cameras with AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities and higher 4K resolutions are driving the growing demand for camera storage.

WD Purple SC QD101 Durability microSD memory card balances cost performance and durability, suitable for mainstream camera shooting, and can meet the needs of long-term continuous recording.

WD Purple 14TB HDD adopts Western Digital’s unique AllFrameTM technology, which has optimized camera capture capability, which can effectively avoid problems such as pixel frame loss and video interruption that may occur in the recorder system, and help enterprises build security systems.

October 29, 2019, Shenzhen – Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) has launched a series of new products that meet the storage needs of optimized video and AI analytics at the network edge. With the increasing application of smart cameras and the continuous improvement of video storage resolution, the development of the industry has put forward higher requirements for camera storage. Western Digital has launched the WD PurpleSC QD101 durable microSD memory card designed for equipment manufacturers, resellers and installers in the mainstream security camera market. In addition, the company introduced a new addition to its mechanical hard drive product line – the WD Purple 14TB* HDD, which is compatible with a variety of security systems and is dedicated to the security sector.

Western Digital launches a series of storage products optimized for public security, artificial intelligence and smart city development

(From left to right: Yang Junwen, Managing Director of Western Digital’s Greater China Channel Business; Western Digital’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of China – Steven Craig; Western Digital’s China and Asia Pacific Senior Sales Director – Stefan Mandl; Product Marketing Director of Western Digital Corporation – Brian Mallari; Senior Marketing Director of Western Digital Corporation – Wei Yinghui)

According to IHS Markit Technology™, global shipments of professional video surveillance cameras are expected to grow from 140 million in 2018 to 224 million in 2023, while the average annual growth rate of shipments of cameras used for on-board storage is expected to be around 17%. Cameras compatible with 4K video are expected to grow from 3.6% of webcam shipments in 2018 to more than 24% in 2023, and 4K video will generate up to 5.7 times faster growth in bits than 1080p video, suggesting that greater Demand for capacity storage is growing rapidly3.

Stefaan Vervaet, senior director of intelligent video in Western Digital’s Device Department, said: “Our users need high-durability, large-capacity, and strong-stability camera storage for a variety of public safety and AI analysis scenarios. The new products provide optimized storage technology to handle these new and diverse vision workloads at the edge.”

Western Digital WD Purple series storage products are designed to provide reliable 24/7 operating loads in mainstream security video systems. Unlike typical consumer-grade microSD memory cards and desktop HDDs, these custom surveillance storage solutions provide high-quality, long-term workload storage.

Western Digital launches a series of storage products optimized for public security, artificial intelligence and smart city development

(WD Purple SC QD101 Durability microSD memory card)

WD Purple SC QD101 Durability microSD Memory Card

The WD Purple SC QD101 Endurance microSD memory card uses Western Digital’s advanced 96-layer 3D NAND technology and provides a cost-effective combination of high endurance, high-performance storage and a large 512GB capacity to meet the needs of the growing video security market .

· Designed for security system integrators and installers

Ideal for mainstream recording and failover/backup camera storage

In compatible cameras, memory card health management enables installers and integrators to view remaining battery life and pre-service memory cards if needed

· Available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacity options

High durability, suitable for long-term continuous recording

(WD Purple 14TB HDD)

WD Purple 14TB* HDD compatible with a wide range of security systems

Like other Western Digital WD Purple series hard drives, the WD Purple 14TB hard drive is designed for 24/7 HD security system applications

Features Western Digital’s proprietary AllFrame technology, which improves video capture while helping to reduce errors that can occur in recording systems, such as pixel dropouts or video interruptions

WD Purple hard drives handle heavier workloads, supporting systems with 64 cameras and 24×7 recording


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time to market

The WD Purple 14TB HDD is now available to select resellers. The WD Purple SC QD101 durability microSD memory card is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2020.


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