In the digital age, data has become one of the driving forces for economic development. Mastering data capabilities has become the core competitiveness of an enterprise, as well as its soft power and important core assets. When “digital user assets” become the most important and valuable assets of every enterprise, the importance of enterprise digital transformation is self-evident.

  Why do state-owned enterprises have to accelerate digital transformation?

Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council officially issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Digital Transformation of State-owned Enterprises”, making comprehensive arrangements for promoting the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises. The “Notice” clarifies that state-owned enterprises should have a deep understanding of the importance of digital transformation, and systematically expounds the current measures, directions and priorities of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, and guides state-owned enterprises to raise their awareness, accelerate the development of digital industrialization in an all-round way, and ensure the smooth transformation of the work. implement.

The circular pointed out that it is necessary to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry, to create new advantages in the digital economy and other decision-making arrangements, to promote the digital, networked, and intelligent development of state-owned enterprises, and to enhance their competitiveness, innovation, control, influence, and resistance. Risk capacity, improve the basic capacity of the industry and the modernization level of the industrial chain.

As can be seen from the “Notice”, the significance and role of the current digital transformation of state-owned enterprises mainly include the following points:


Digital transformation is the driving force for the high-quality development of enterprises

The digital economy represents the future direction of economic development and has become a core element of economic growth and a key area of ​​corporate competition. Accelerating digital transformation will accelerate the promotion of new technology innovation, new product cultivation, new model diffusion and new business format development, promote wider and deeper integration of enterprises into and improve the global supply system, promote my country’s industries to move towards the mid-to-high end of the global value chain, and accelerate the high-quality development of enterprises .


Digital transformation is an effective way to build new competitive advantages

The new generation of information technology is the core force of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, which breeds huge potential for industrial transformation. Accelerating the digital transformation will promote the subversive reconstruction of the production methods, business forms, and business models of state-owned enterprises.


Digital transformation is a powerful tool for innovation-driven development

The new generation of information technology is the most active, widely used, and radiating innovation field in the world. Under the current complex and changeable international and domestic new situation, accelerating digital transformation will effectively stimulate the innovation vitality of state-owned enterprises and reduce the innovation of state-owned enterprises. threshold and cost, accelerate the construction of a real-time, open, efficient and collaborative innovation system, and innovation drives development.

Analysys has been practicing the mission of “civilizing data capabilities”. Analysys Analytics under Analysys focuses on “in-depth insights for users in the public domain”, while Analysys Digital is a service brand for “intelligent operation of users in the private domain”, helping customers Business digitization, data assetization, and asset businessization, jointly create digital user insight and operation solutions, focus on the era of retention, upgrade enterprise digital user assets, and help enterprises fully realize user-oriented digital transformation.

Yu Yang, founder of Analysys, believes:

1. At present, the whole society is entering the era of retention, which is a new era of traffic;

2. In the current era, digital business assets will be the core business assets of enterprises;

3. The development of digital user assets is the result of the continuous efforts of enterprises.

Under the great wave of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, there are still a large number of enterprises using traditional operation methods, and intelligent and digital operation management methods are still in the early stage of exploration. Focusing on the whole life cycle of users, such as attracting new customers, retaining conversion, user operation, and marketing reach, Analysys Digital put forward the theory of “intelligent user operation” and the ARGO growth model. Value creation helps companies achieve lean growth driven by data.

The Analysys Ark smart user operation product suite, a subsidiary of Analysys Digital, combines Analysys’ deep understanding of the industry and business scenarios for many years with advanced data intelligence technology. Through the powerful functions of intelligent analysis, intelligent operation and intelligent portraits , with high-quality services to help enterprises build and activate digital user assets, efficiently complete the key links such as user demand perception (data collection), full-end data access (rational data), key behavior analysis (arithmetic) and intelligent active service (data consumption), etc. The result is revenue growth, cost reduction and efficiency gains.

Industry solutions deeply integrated with application scenarios, covering leading customers in e-commerce, brand retail, banking, automobile, real estate and other industries, Analysys Digital has successfully served Sinopec, China Resources Land, BOE, Shouqi Car-hailing, Binhai Finance , Global Jusha, Shangpin Discount, Dongfeng Nissan, China Travel Hotel and other more than 100 well-known companies.


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