On June 9, 2021, Dalian General Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary World Peace has launched the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus SPHE6700.

World Peace Group launched the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus SPHE6700

Figure 1 – The Display board of the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus products launched by the World Peace General Assembly

At present, information technology represented by the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has accelerated and promoted the development of society in the direction of intelligence. Among them, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), as the initial stage product of vehicle intelligence, is being popularized from high-end models to low-end models. ADAS system refers to the use of various sensors installed on the car, such as millimeter-wave radar, lidar, camera, ultrasonic radar, etc., to perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle body and collect data for system calculation and analysis, so that the driver can be aware of the possibility in advance. hazards and improve driving safety.

Founded in 1970, Sunplus is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality and high-value-added consumer integrated circuit (IC) products. Since its establishment, with professional technology and continuous innovation and research and development skills, Sunplus’s capital has increased from 23 million to NT$7.7 billion, and in March 1990, Sunplus became the first global depositary in Asia to issue Credentials IC Design Company.

The Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus SPHE6700 by Dalian World Peace has an all-in-one cost-effectiveness advantage. Through this solution, 3D Surround View (AVM), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSD), Lane Departure (LDWS), and Panoramic Viewing (DVR) can be realized. , door open warning (DOA), Electronic rearview mirror (E-Mirror) and other functions, can work in the temperature range of -40 ~ 85 ℃, and has passed the experimental test of the real car, which is in line with the use of the car, no safety hidden danger.

World Peace Group launched the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus SPHE6700

Figure 2-Scenario application diagram of the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus products launched by World Peace

This solution adopts SPHE6700 of Sunplus as the main chip of the solution. SPHE6700 is a highly integrated automotive SoC for ADAS applications. It not only has built-in high-performance dual-core Cortex-A9 embedded processor, 3D GPU, 4-channel HD input, full HD multi-format decoder and H.264 hardware encoder, but also set up AVM (Around View Monitor) for surround view ) engine and high-definition video output interface, can operate in the embedded Linux operating system, support 3 seconds fast cold start, in line with automotive electronic applications.

World Peace Group launched the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus SPHE6700

Figure 3 – The block diagram of the Dragon Eye ADAS solution based on Sunplus products launched by the World Peace General Assembly

In terms of power supply design, this solution is suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle power supply, which complies with the automotive power supply specification, and can be directly installed on the car for debugging of various functions; for the high-definition Camera module, this solution uses 180° and 60° 720P analog High-definition camera (AHD or TVI), use Video Switch to select the Camera required for different functions. And adopts Techpoint “TP2824” 4 Channel HD Analog Video Decoder as the 4-channel HD camera decoding chip; in terms of high-definition Video output design, it adopts TP2912 (High DefinitionHD TVI VideoEncoder) chip design, with 720P output, can provide high-definition video Output: For the DVR module, this solution uses Micro SD as the recording Video storage device, which can record a segment in 5 minutes, and can use a 256G SD Card at most.

In addition, the TYCO (TE) automotive-specific connector used in this solution meets the requirements of automotive connector connector specifications; not only that, it also has 2 sets of CAN BUS to realize multi-system connection, and the PCB contains an MCU named ST STM32F105 , responsible for power control and CAN BUS transceiver.

Core technical advantages:

Ÿ With 3D Surround View (AVM), full free viewing angle picture, and can integrate the reversing trajectory;

Ÿ It has a side blind spot monitoring system (BSD), which detects overtaking vehicles in the blind spot of the rearview mirror through the cameras under the rearview mirrors on the left and right sides of the vehicle, and reminds the driver in the form of LED light and sound;

Ÿ With lane line recognition analysis technology (LDW), it can detect whether the vehicle deviates from the lane line when driving, and issue an alarm function when it detects that it deviates from the lane line;

Ÿ With panoramic surveillance (DVR), it can monitor automobiles and locomotives, and can automatically record video in a loop. With the audio and video host, it can realize side image development, and some models can integrate reverse development;

Ÿ With door opening warning (DOA), the detection distance is 5 meters around the vehicle, and the door opening warning time and interface can be adjusted according to customer needs;

Ÿ Equipped with an electronic rearview mirror (E-Mirror), which can detect dynamic objects when the vehicle is driving, with a detection range of 3 meters outside the vehicle and 15 meters behind the vehicle.

Program Specifications:

Ÿ Processor: Sunplus SPHE6700;

Ÿ Memory: SD Card;

Ÿ Vehicle regulation grade: Comply with the vehicle regulation of the working temperature level of -40℃~85℃;

Ÿ Peripheral interface: 40PIN/12PIN/USB/SD Card;

Ÿ Power consumption: <; 24W (host + camera);

Ÿ Working temperature: -40℃~85℃;

Ÿ Functional safety: automotive safety protection parts are already included in the PCB;

Ÿ EMC: None.

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